South African Schools…
are cordially invited to participate in The South African Model UN (SAMUN) 2017 Provincial Workshops and Provincial Conferences. Each South African team is made up of four learners (students) – two learners from a resourced school and two from an under-resourced school. Teams from the rest of Africa and abroad can have all four team members from their participating school.

Schools from the rest of Africa and abroad…
are invited to participate in The SAMUN Cape Town International Conference in South Africa, as well as an educational visit to Robben Island. Your team will compete against winners of our nine South African Provincial Conferences.
What is SAMUN?
The South African Model United Nations (SAMUN) is a dynamic Education Africa project based on the principles and format of a UN General Assembly debate, with a focus on the United Nations, global issues, international relations and human rights issues. Teams from participating schools are engaged in General Assembly-style debates, representing the viewpoints of their allocated country.

The SAMUN offers enormous benefits and life skills to participating students. They learn about tolerance, dialogue and empathy while acquiring some essential practical skills such as the written preparation of arguments and the oral presentation of such arguments; negotiation skills and diplomacy, among others. Over the 14 years that Education Africa has been running this project, we have witnessed students who have, as a result of this event, developed an awareness of the importance of international relations and human rights. Students develop the ability to research, negotiate and find practical solutions to issues on the global agenda, thus becoming informed global citizens who are aware of the issues facing our world. All this while developing public speaking and debating skills which are essential in the workplace.
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International Schools
Participate in the Provincial Conferences.
South African Schools
Participate in the Provincial Conferences.
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