The South African Model UN (SAMUN) is a debating conference which is based on the principles and format of a UN General Assembly debate, with a focus on the United Nations, international relations and human rights issues. Schools from South Africa participate provincially and the provincial winners attend our International Conference in Cape Town. International schools are invited to participate in Education Africa's International Conference in Cape Town.

To create an authentic sense of the United Nations' General Assembly, each team is allocated a country to represent in the debates. Participants have to familiarise themselves with the cultural practices, as well as with the social, economic and political policies of the country they represent. Through research, each team is expected to convincingly adopt their country's stance on the issues that are put forward and debated.

In essence, the debates are an exercise in developing research and communication skills such as: o The written preparation of arguments o Oral presentations o Negotiation skills o The reaching of a working compromise o Ambassadorial skills.

The twinning of resourced and under-resourced schools
(This twinning is only a prerequisite for South African schools). The General Assembly's democratic processes form a vital part of the debating criteria and the commitment to the democratic process is carried through to the formation of teams. Each South African team of four learners (students) consists of a partnership of two schools: two learners from a resourced school and two from an under-resourced school. This promotes cross-cultural exchange and encourages tolerance and peace between the learners. It also gives under-resourced learners the opportunity to compete on an equal footing as they gain access to research resources through their partner school.
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