The following gives a brief exposition of the structure of The South Africa Model United Nations (SAMUN) Conferences which take place on an annual basis. The SAMUN Cape Town International Conference is open to participating High Schools from Africa and abroad. South African school teams must be made up of two learners from a resourced school and two learners from an under-resourced school. International teams may be made up of learners from one school.

SAMUN Provincial Workshops
Workshops are held in each of the nine South African provinces and are aimed at introducing the United Nations as well as the style of debating to both South African learners (students) and educators (teachers). Learners are also presented with the topic they will be debating at their provincial conference and a personal copy of the Education Africa Handbook on Model United Nations debating in South Africa.

SAMUN Provincial Conference
Provincial conferences form part of the second component of the SAMUN and here all the South African participating teams' debate against each other in their respective provinces, with the ultimate aim of finding the team that will represent their province at the SAMUN Cape Town International Conference in South Africa.

SAMUN Cape Town International Conference and over-night stay on Robben Island
The winning teams from each of South Africa's nine provinces gather in Cape Town over four days to debate with teams from Africa and abroad in two General Assembly-style debates. All the winning South African provincial teams are allocated a tutor, who has an in-depth knowledge of international relations and/or is a previous participant of the SAMUN. International teams are also encouraged to appoint tutors.

All participating learners (students) take part in a Robben Island Museum over night experience, with the Educators (Teachers) joining other dignitaries on the Island the following day for the SAMUN Cape Town International Conferences closing ceremonies.

NB. The Robben Island component maybe be withdrawn at Robben Island Museums sole discretion if weather conditions are not permitting for ferry transfer.

USA International Conference
The best performing South African provincial team at the SAMUN Cape Town International Conference, as well as a representative selected from each of the remaining eight South African provinces, are given the incredible opportunity of representing South Africa at a Model UN conference in the USA. This trip has proved to be an inspiring and life-changing experience for many of our past delegates. Whilst in the USA, the team will also visit the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The educators (teachers) and tutor of the province which took honours at the Cape Town conference accompany the South African delegation overseas.
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