Benefits to participating schools:
Education Africa is pleased to report that, as a result of this twinning process and the partnership it initiates between schools, educational resources are now being shared on a regular basis between these resourced and under-resourced schools.

Learners participating in the SAMUN learn about tolerance, dialogue, understanding and empathy. In addition to developing public speaking and debating skills, learners also develop into informed global citizens who are aware of the critical issues facing our world. But there are benefits for the educators (teachers) as well as a direct result of being involved in the conferences and workshops. Educators inevitably become proficient in the skills of research, which in turn benefits their learners in the classroom as they too are taught these vital study and life skills. Many of the educators who have been involved with SAMUN have gone on to implement the UN style of debating in their schools., and as they become inspired by the global issues being debated at the conferences, this too has positive spin-offs on the learners in the classroom.
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